Today the use of technology continues to open doors to new ways of capturing Videography and Photography. Buyers in the real estate market want to view homes which will best suit their lifestyle.  Individuals can view close by features such as schools, lakes, industrial buildings, surrounding trees, etc. Full HD & 4k video walkthroughs of the property can be provided. Now with stunning, aerial photos and video, buyers can observe a residence and its surrounding property to help make critical decisions.

Aerial Photography

Beautiful and stunning photos can capture the surroundings of the home and provide the buyer a feel for what’s nearby to potential homes. Photography for residential property

Aerial Videography

Offers and sells the true feeling the house holds, something still photos simply can’t offer.  Whether the house is covered in a large tree canopy or is surrounded by a winding creek the newly popular HD videos show the entire layout of the property.

Indoor Videography & Photography

Aerial Exposure offers a complete walk through of the homes best features creating a lifestyle experience.

Ultimate Exposure Packages

Aerial Exposure realizes that showing the life style of a house is important. With our Ultimate Exposure Packages we give you video tours of the inside and outside of your home showing everything it has to offer.